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In 19th Century America, the comic subject of animals portrayed in human situations was quite popular in various forms of art. We have gathered a colorful classic collection of scans of such sheet music, many with hilarious cover art and lyrics, in PDF format.

Music about animals
in human situations

A collection of unique and interesting scans of early American books and booklets on various subjects.

The Book Collection

On the Tail of C. M. Coolidge….
The Life and Times of Freemason
Cassius Marcellus Coolidge
An upcoming book about
the world famous

dogs playing poker artist!

Some of the oddest pieces of music with the strangest names, ever published, happened in early America. In fact, it seemed to have a popular thing to come up with weird titles, subject and at times lyrics. We have created a PDF collection of many of these pieces of music using scans of the original sheet music. The PDF is prepared for easy printing in black and white on standard size paper.

Strange, Odd, Funny &
Weird Music Page

The World's Most Mysterious Book
The Voynich Manuscript

Unusual, Amazing, Magical,Wonderful
& Often Unxplainable Events
In Early America

From Original Newspaper
& Periodical Articles

Early American X-Files Page

In past centuries, more poets and writers than you might imagine created poems to and about their guitars, and to and about players of guitars. So many poems, in fact that many have the same titles! We have created a PDF with many of these unique poems gathered from quite old books published in the 1800s and early 1900s.

The Poetic Guitar Page

Projects using music & sound from
old publications

This is a 60 page book containing simple parlour magic tricks using music and sound, many simple projects using music and sound, and even a section about learning ventriloquism and instructions how to build an "aeolian harp". We gathered these interesting projects from old books, published in the 19th century. We have prepared this as a PDF file, for easy printing on standard size paper.

Music Magic Page

– Available for Everyone's Pleasure –

Now my friends please meet Sir William and follow him as he romps through some of the many mysterious initiations held in secret societies. Next get ready for the ride, and read the witty true tales and laugh at the vintage humor that has been collected from numerous publications from the days of old, all of which were written and recorded by the Brotherhood’s themselves.

Sir William
Masonic Lodge Goat

Unusual Magic Patents

A large collection of patents for magic, illusion, trick devices etc. (with construction details) from early America. Scans of the original patents prepared for easy printing, in a PDF file.
After your credit card or Paypal payment of $5.00 is processed, you will quickly be sent a download link.

Price - $5.00

Earlier American musicians and composers were publishing music and songs in large numbers on almost every subject. This particular collection is music about flowers and gardens.

The Flower Music page

Music Composed by Nobody

In 19th Century America, a fact that is not widely known is that thousands of pieces of sheet music were published. Music on every conceivable subject from the hippopotamus to free-love was published.
Strangely enough, one of the very popular things to do was to publish sheet music using fake, often comic names.
We have gathered together a few of these pieces of music and created a PDF book out of them.

Music Composed by Nobody page

Since it first inspired the imagination of the American public, baseball has been the inspiration of numerous songs and musical compositions. On this page we have collected many examples of this music and a collection of free audio files.

The Baseball Music page

Read the Welcome tale....

No kidding, this page has music composed for the infamous
Illuminati conspiracy
by one of the original members of that famous organization, including.....

"The Illuminati Anthem".

Before television and radio, home performances of amateur music, plays, magic tricks and conjuring etc. was popular. It was often referred to as "parlour" performances. We have prepared scans of some of the original "parlour" conjuring, magic and tricks books in easy to print black and white PDF format.

The Art Of Conjuring & Magic Page

Sisters and friends, journey with me and get ready to behold the many interesting, beautiful and amusing illustrations, pictures and photos of both real and imaginary people and places. Scroll through and read the collection of wonder- tales, folklore and fables and laugh at the humor presented to you while you catch up on some of the past of your own amazing sisterhood.

Sisters In Secret Societies


Two collections of early American sheet music and traditional tunes related to Santa and Christmas.
As with so many other subjects, earlier composers in America were busy writing songs and tunes about Santa!

The Santa Music page...

5 collections related to apples, apple cider and autumn

Poetry and prose, traditional apple and autumn tunes, 19th Century American sheet music
and traditional Halloween tunes.

The Apple Cider Page

Some interesting old chili tales, history and some music related to the State Food of Texas - chili!
The Chili Pepper Page

The music of luck and laughter....

We have created a PDF collection of traditional tunes related to luck and laughter...
The tunes are presented in a basic arrangement with guitar chords and a keyboard (or harp) accompaniment. You can use these basic arrangements to create your own versions....

The Happy Go Lucky Tunes page

The People's Conspiracy™
is the public division of
The International War Against Stupidity™
Learn about both on the following page:
The People's Conspiracy Page

On the page you can listen to and download music by the famous...
People's Conspiracy Jug Band

George Washington's
Favorite Song?

"The Derby Ram" song has been known since at least the beginning of the eighteenth century. The ram has even been incorporated into thecoat-of-arms of Derby, England.

The song and the association of a ram with the town of Derby as a
ballad made it's public bow in child lore in The Only True Mother Goose Melodies, c1843, and has been repeated in nursery books many times since then.

This ballad about one of the most elaborate lies ever told is said to have been the favorite song of "he who never lied",
George Washington.

A wonderful book of stories by Bruce Murdoch.

The music career of TB Murdoch, known to the music world as "Bruce Murdoch" included recording for Elektra Records and performing at many forums and coffee houses during the heyday of the folk revival and the singer/songwriter movement in Greenwich Village during the 1960s that produced Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Peter Paul & Mary, Eric Andersen and many more. He also performed at the Newport Folk Festival, in Carnegie Hall and recorded an album produced by Richie Havens for his label and an album produced by Radio Canada.
He has also recorded 2 new collections of his latest songs.

The Grampy Page

Creating Light To Sound

This unique music project, that you are about to experience, involves my using a solar cell array to transform light waves to sound waves to audio.

The music you will be hearing is the improvised
results of the movement and intensity of
the light sources and color filtering.

Light To Sound Page

Vahdah Olcott-Bickford (October 17, 1885 – May 18, 1980) was an American astrologer and guitarist, composer, arranger and teacher, sometimes known as "the Grand Lady of the Guitar".

We have prepared a sheet music collection of many of her pieces.

Vahdah Olcott-Bickford Page

Transcriptions for Guitar
in both standard notation and tablature
These short transcriptions were created for the fun of it
and are of the basic themes for the shows.
We have included 4 MP3 samples.

Classic Cartoon
& TV Music




Comic Almanacs and funny and entertaining writing of all kinds was quite popular in early America. We have created five PDF examples of scanned booklets, prepared for easy printing in black and white.

Comic writings page

Good Humor Lodge

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