American funny music and songs
with animals in human situations....

In 19th Century America, the comic subject of animals portrayed in human sitatuions was quite popular in various forms of art. We have gathered a classic collection of such music, many with hilarious cover art and lyrics, in PDF format.

The Animal Quartet -
Vocal quartet with piano

Frolic of the Frogs -
Piano solo waltz

The Animals Convention -
Solo song with piano

The June-bugs Dance -
Piano solo - polka-rondo

Pussy's Polka -
Piano solo

The Owl, Parrot, Duck and Crow -
Vocal quartet with piano

The Owl and the Pussycat -
Solo song with piano

The Jolly Dogs Quadrille -
Piano solo

A Sequence to the Three Little Pigs - Solo song with piano

The Birdies' Ball -
Solo song with piano

Cat Serenade -
Solo song with piano

The Naughty Flies -
Vocal quartet with piano

The Grass Hopper's Waltz -
Piano solo

Dance of the Oyster and the Clam
- Piano solo

Dance of the Tassy Possums -
Piano solo

The Frog's Moonlight Serenade -
Piano solo (with unique short multi-part sounds intro)

The Mosquitoes Parade -
Piano solo

Meow One Step -
Piano solo



The Grasshopper -
"A Tragic Cantata" -
Spoken text, vocal part,
piano, (parts illustrated)






This collection is a PDF file with scans of the original published sheet music prepared for easy printing on standard size paper.

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