In past centuries, more poets and writers than you might imagine created poems to and about their guitars, and to and about players of guitars. So many poems, in fact that many have the same titles! We have created PDF and Ebook-epub files with many of these unique poems gathered from quite old books published in the 1800s and early 1900s.

Download a PDF of a song for guitar, with a poem about a guitar, published in 1860! Guitar music by Edward Pique, and poem by one "Mrs. Ellen Brown"..... To My Guitar

Contents of
The Poetic Guitar

The Guitar
My Sweet Guitar
The Guitar
The Lady To Her Guitar
That Dear Old Sweet Guitar
An Old Guitar
Additional Intermediate Stanza To The Song Of “The Light Guitar”
Old Guitar
Ye Quaint Guitar
In Praise Of The Guitar
Her Guitar
Serenade Song
To My Guitar
Oh! Give Me Now My Sweet Guitar
To My Guitar
That Old Guitar
The Old Guitar
In praise of the Guitar, My strumming, my tinkling guitars
On Hearing Her Play On The Guitar
To The Old Guitar
The Light Guitar
A Dream of Spain
The Old Guitar
Like The Strings Of The Old Guitar
The Guitar
My Old Guitar
The Guitar
To My Guitar
My Sweet Guitar
Ode To My Guitar
Ode To The Guitar
To My Guitar
The Troubadour
The Soft Guitar
Music of the Wind
With A Guitar
My Guitar
The Interrupted Serenade
Listen To My Wild Guitar
The Gypsy eye, bright as the star…
Il Chitárrero
The Stranger’s Guitar
What The Andalusian Guitar Says
Song-addressed to a Friend in return for a Musical Treat
For many years afflicted with blindness, on hearing her play on the guitar…
Guitar Song
The Light Guitar
To a Lady, With a Guitar
The Lady Of The Light Guitar
Guitars At Twilight
Some Guitar Music
To a Lady Playing on a Guitar and Singing
On a Lady who played remarkably well on the Guitar
The Guitar
To Riulio Regondi, The Boy Guitarist
The Monkey's Music Lesson
The Hidden Heart
To My Guitar
The Song of a Spanish Guitar – From “Singing Rawhide”
The Child Sings On The Balcony
A Serenade
Let The Rest Of The World Go By
Her Light Guitar
Dolores, Gypsy Maiden
Guitar Song With Variations
The Guitar
My Sweet Guitar – (Ballad)
Hark From Afar!
On The Old Guitarra
Guitar Music
Thy Guitar
The Lone Starry Hours
Answer to “The Lone Starry Hour”
Thy Sweet Guitar
Wandering Minstrels
Spanish Song
The Soul Of The Guitar
The Guitar
Hidden Music
A River Nocturne
A Moon, A Rose, and a Gay Guitar
Music in the Night
Beautiful Dreamer
An Old Guitar
Song— That Old Guitar
I Heard A Maid With Her Guitar
She Will Dream Of Me
A Serenade
Sad Guitar
The Child Of The Alps
In The Sky Garden
The Wild Guitar
The Moonlight Serenade
Guitar Song
The Guitar Song Of The Herdsman
Guitar Song
Guitar Song Sung To The Queen Of France
Song For The Guitar
Edith's Guitar
Serenade For The Guitar
The Minaret Bells

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Stories, Tales and Legends
About the Guitar

A collection of stories, lore, legends and humor about the guitar..... We have created a PDF with many of these tales and stories, gathered from quite old books published in the 1800s and early 1900s.


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