Music Composed by Nobody

In 19th Century America, a fact that is not widely known is that thousands of pieces of sheet music were published. Music on every conceivable subject from the hippopotamus to free-love was published.
Strangely enough, one of the very popular things to do was to publish sheet music using fake, often comic names.
We have gathered together a few of these pieces of music and created a PDF book out of them.

That Horrible Fly - by A. Buzz (Voice & Keyboard)

Vampire Polka - by Four Eyes (Keyboard)

Song of the Season - by A Friend Of The Children (Voice & Keyboard)

The Pope & Sultan - Dedicated to A Church Without A Bishop and A State Without A King - by A Pilgrim (Voice & Keyboard)

The Wheelbarrow Polka - by A Barrel Apples (Keyboard)

Doctor Ironbeard - by Blackbeard (Voice & Keyboard)

It's Yankee Not English At All - Words by A Yankee, Music by Jove (Voice & Keyboard)

Everybody's Polka
- Dedicated to Nobody - by Somebody (Keyboard)

Free Love Polka - Dedicated to Several Pretty Girls - by One of the Free Lovers (Keyboard)

Wide Awake Polka - by I Dunno (Keyboard)

Fast Mail - Grand Concert Gallop - by Per Lightning (Keyboard)

Serenade Catskill Katamiaul - by Moonlight (Keyboard)

Fifth Avenue Gallop - by Musicus (Keyboard)

Know Nothing Polka
- Dedicated to Everybody - by Nobody (Keyboard)

Prize Baby's Polka
- by One of 'em (Keyboard)

National Grange Quickstep - by A. Sickle (Keyboard)

Tell Me Darling - Words by Frank Sweet, music by Six Sharps (Voice & Piano)

Give the Sunshine of Your Heart - by Snowbird (Voice & Keyboard)

Yankee Doodle in Mexico - by Uncle Sam (Voice & Piano)

The Palace Waltz - by A Young American (Keyboard)



Mark Twain Waltz -by XYZ (Keyboard)




You can purchase and download the Music by Nobody PDF book for the price of $5.00. All music is scans of the original sheet music prepared in an easy to print form of black and white.

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Music by Composed by Nobody - $5.00

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